Association Resource Page 

HOA Covenants 

 They describe the HOA's obligations and rights to its members and vice versa. They are often referred to as homeowner association covenants or simply covenants. An association's CC&Rs are recorded and filed officially with the state.

HOA Bylaws 

 HOA bylaws are governing guides.They should cover things like how often you have meetings ,how many people can be on the board,how often you have to have memebership meetings,and what's quorum.

Architectural Control        Committee

The Architectural Control Committee, are ultimately the people who are responsible for interpreting and enforcing the architectural guidelines of the community as outlined in the Covenants.

PP NW, INC. Management Company 

PP NW has been our management company since 2023. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out  (219)-923-2812

Association Resource Page 


As a member of your homeowners’ association, it is your right and responsibility to help ensure that the
Community’s deed restrictions are upheld. Please use the link below to document your concerns. 

How to Pay your Yearly HOA Dues 

Our  HOA  fee is due yearly (usually right after the first of the year) assessed by the homeowners association to pay for the services it provides. 

Update Contact Information 

The preferred and fastest contact is via email or phone. Please ensure you keep your contact information updated with the HOA. We would hate for anyone to misout on information. 


We can not do all of this alone and are always open to suggestions. Good or Bad, none of it is taken personal. You can also always attend the next HOA meeting and address your suggestion directly to the board. 

 Moving IN  

If your moving IN/OUT please let us know. This way we can ensure any unpaid balances are paid before closing. If your moving in we would like to gather contact information and welcome you to our community.